Dave Myers

A talented young songwriter, Dave Myers and his band Bigg Break have been touring the southeast United States heavily in 2012. With mixtures of rock, reggae, and folk, they have been earning fans at every show. Don't let his mellow facade fool you, this kid rocks and is sure to gain more followers in 2013.

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Sy Arden

Sy Arden has been taking the east coast by storm, wowing crowds with her very own, unique brand of folk rock. She normally performs with electric guitar, but we got her here for a session with her acoustic. Check out where she will turn up next:



Flesh and Stone

Danny Kutcher and April Perkins are Charlotte, North Carolina's acoustic duo Flesh and Stone. They write and perform original music because, as they say, "if we didn't we couldn't stand it." Danny's lyrics flow from his mouth as April's cello provides a fluid backdrop rippling to fill the sonic space. It was a lot of fun having these two in the studio. A few minutes with these guys and you know its all about the music and the fun.


Lauren Jenkins

Lauren Jenkins is a talented singer/songwriter and she also acts. Born in Dallas, TX, her family moved to North Carolina when she was 9. She began performing in theater at the age of 7, so when she began writing songs, performing them for folks was second nature to her. She has acted in several movies including the 2012 release Deadline. Currently, Lauren is residing in New York City where she is participating in a 2 year program for acting at the William Esper Studio. Her self titled debut EP is due out November 1, 2012.


Channing & Quinn

This duo of North Carolina natives have made the big move to Nashville with their quirky and original style of fun music. Channing and Quinn are versatile as well. Pulling out ukulele, guitar, glockenspiel, accordion, percussion, and banjo to back up Channing's vocals. It was truly a great time having them in the studio for the Session.

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Neil Cribbs

Rarely, in today's day and age will you find an artist like Neil Cribbs. One with as much talent that is followed up with a work ethic that exercises his sheer determination and desire. Based in Atlanta, GA, Neil travels the country sharing his talents with a little bit of groove. His songs have rhythms that will get you moving and lyrics that are clever and true. It was a real pleasure sharing an afternoon with Neil and his songs. Enjoy!

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Adam Middleton of The Spiveys

Adam stopped in for a session at String Fellows to share some of the songs he has written for his band, The Spiveys. Here Adam shows off his pop sensibilities with greatest of ease and, as you will see, brevity is his strong suit. Moving to Charlotte, NC from midwest, Adam hit hard times in the Queen City and used the experience as fodder for songs and motivation to form The Stella's. This band would take him all over the region and to southwest asia, playing to the troops. Formed as a side project, The Spiveys are a combination of The Stellas and You Tonight. After playing together awhile, it was felt that The Spiveys should be a full time gig.

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Tommy Brunett

A journeyman in his own right, Tommy Brunett tangles rock and roll and classic country
to form the guts that empowers his own brand of storytelling. The songs offer insight
into the greater simplicities of life, without diluting them with a mish mash of cliché
or innuendo. Tommy’s music makes beeline straight to the heart of the matter with no
apologies. Headquartered in Rochester, New York, Tommy has toured the country with
his songs planting himself firmly in the landscape of the national music scene.

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Greg Payne of The Piedmont Boys

Starting out as a two piece bar band in Greenville, South Carolina, Greg Payne and Kenny Winslow flourished in the local music venues. But as their popularity grew, so did their band. Now a five piece national touring act, The Piedmont Boys’ style invokes the spirit of legendary Country, with straight forward, honest to life lyrics. Every phrase has the strength to conjure familiar images to the listener’s mind. Just like the outlaw country acts of days gone by, Greg sings about real life with a tone that is reverent for life’s miseries and sincere in praise of it’s good times.

On the road, Greg is joined by, Brian Kennedy on drums, Matt Lee Parks on Fiddle, Chief Spires on bass, and lead guitarist Adam Whitehead.

Be sure to catch The Piedmont Boys every chance you get.


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